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Author Topic: Unban Request [Aceisthekid1] TOPIC CLOSED
Posts: 15
May 22, 2017, 14:07

Your Username: Aceisthekid1

Why You Were Banned: Impersonation of a
Player or Position (position was in bold red)

What I’m going to do to ensure I won’t break the rules anymore is, I promise to not act like I have any higher power than normal players on the server. I understand I cannot act like I have the trusted rank anymore, because this rank was removed.

Why should I get another chance? I understand why I no longer have this rank, and I am sorry for any mis-understanding with situations. If this is honestly about how my faction tag was Trusted, this is because I am Trusted in the Faction by my Faction Members.

If any proof is needed for my defense on why I feel this shouldn’t be considered impersonation, or any photos of the ban message, let me know!

Thanks, 🙂

Posts: 3
May 29, 2017, 00:57

First off, please be assured that you will be able to re-appeal for an unban beginning in October 2017.

You were banned for impersonating the [Trusted] rank on the factions (PvP) server. The staff sees your [Trusted] faction title as breaking rule 11, which states “Do not impersonate any other player or position,” as you do not have that rank. As this title was colored, it was meant to resemble a rank, not just a faction title.

After a staff discussion, it was decided to keep the ban due to the short period of time that had passed since the previous tempban (for x-ray hacking) and due to a long-term history of such action being taken (ex. Rule 11 was originally put in place for something you did several years ago).

-LB staff

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