Here is a simple list of the server rules, these apply in game on Discord, on this site and anywhere else LetsBuild wise. Some platforms might have additional rules which will be clearly stated on these platforms.

1. No drama/ arguing/ harassing/ rumor spreading.
We all have drama in our lives, so don’t bring it here.

2. No cussing/ vulgar/ hate/ rude language.
We don’t want to hear it.

3. No sexual language/ activity/ builds of any kind.
This will get you banned.

4. Do Not be racist/ hateful/ disrespectful in any way.
This will get you banned.

5. Do Not Spam the chat or commands.
Includes, Gibberish, random crap, etc.

6. Do Not talk about other servers.
It’s rude so don’t do it, thanks.

7. Do Not ask to be op’d or for any kind of rank.
This will Guarantee that you will never get it.

8. Do Not role play in public chat.
It’s annoying please use private messages instead.

9. Do Not spam people’s names.
Say: [Person], [Question]?
Say: Hey bob, may I have a new plot?

10. If you find a bug let us know.
If you abuse it you risk getting banned.

11. Do not impersonate any other player or position.

12. Be mature.

Anything that’s not mentioned on the list of rules, but that’s common sense not to do, can still result in a ban or other type of punishment.

Terms & Conditions