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Maven project CHFiles

CHFiles is a CommandHelper extension that allows you to work with files and directories.


  • void copy_file(FromFile, ToFile) - Copies a file or directory to another directory.

  • void create_file(PathToFile) - Creates a new file.

  • void delete_file(PathToFile) - Deletes a file or directory.

  • array list_files(PathToDirectory) - Lists all files and directories in given directory.

  • void rename_file(File, Name) - Renames a file.

  • void write_file(PathToFile, content, [mode]) - Writes text to a file. The mode parameter can be OVERWRITE or APPEND.

  • void async_write_file(PathToFile, content, [mode], [callback]) - Writes text to a file asynchronously. The mode parameter can be OVERWRITE or APPEND. The optional callback must be a closure. It will be executed upon write completion.

  • void async_read_file(PathToFile, callback) - Asynchronously reads in a file. Check here.

  • boolean file_exists(Path) - Check if a file exists.

  • void create_dir(PathToDir) - Create a new directory.

  • boolean is_dir(PathToFile) - Checks if a path is a directory.

  • boolean is_file(PathToFile) - Checks if a path is a file.

  • string get_absolute_path([Path]) - Gets the absolute path of a file, or this script file if none is specified.

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