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Maven project LaterEvents


An extension for CommandHelper which adds later binding event listeners. Normally CommandHelper only listens for the earliest possible firing of events (in Bukkit this is "LOWEST"). For the covered events, a latest modifiable firing and read-only firing are listened for (Bukkit "HIGHEST" and "MONITOR" respectively). The Read-only firing is the one that occurs after all plugins have had a chance to modify the event and it is considered finalized.


  • put the file in < pluginfolder >/CommandHelper/extensions/
  • bind the events as you would any other
  • they have all the same capabilities of the original events, except the read-only versions cannot be cancelled or modified
  • names are normal events + abbreviated fire order
  • _lm = last modifiable
  • _ro = read-only


Note: See original documentation for details

  • player_interact_lm
  • player_interact_ro
  • player_interact_entity_lm
  • player_interact_entity_ro
  • player_interact_at_entity_lm
  • player_interact_at_entity_ro
  • player_login_lm
  • player_login_ro
  • player_join_lm
  • player_join_ro
  • block_break_lm
  • block_break_ro
  • block_place_lm
  • block_place_ro
  • projectile_hit_lm
  • projectile_hit_ro
  • entity_damage_lm
  • entity_damage_ro
  • entity_damage_player_lm
  • entity_damage_player_ro
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