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Maven project SKCompat

An extension providing access to features of other plugins in the sk89q family. Supports WorldEdit and WorldGuard.

Download or compile the correct version for your server:
SKCompat 2.1.1 (CommandHelper 3.3.2, Minecraft 1.7.10 - 1.12.2, WorldEdit/WorldGuard 6.x)
SKCompat 3.1.3 (CommandHelper 3.3.4, Minecraft 1.13.2 - 1.16.3, WorldEdit/WorldGuard 7.x)

NOTE: CHWorldEdit provides functions for WorldEdit. CHWorldGuard provides functions for WorldGuard. SKCompat combines both, which means you only need to download one file.

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Compact Function List


sk_pos1([player], array | [player] | array) Sets the player's point 1 to the given location array.
sk_pos2([player], array | [player] | array) Sets the player's point 2 to the given location array.
sk_setblock([player], pattern) Sets the player's selection to blocks defined by the provided pattern.
skcb_copy(location | player, [options]) Copies the selected region into the clipboard.
skcb_paste(location | player, [options]) Pastes a schematic from the player's clipboard.
skcb_load(filename, [player]) Loads a schematic into the clipboard from file.
skcb_save(filename, [overwrite], [player]) Saves a schematic in the clipboard to file.
skcb_rotate([player,] y, [x, z]) Rotates the clipboard by the given degrees for each corresponding axis.
skcb_clear([player]) Clears the clipboard for the specified player.
sk_schematic_exists(filename) Returns whether a schematic by that name exists.
sk_clipboard_info([player]) Returns an array with selection info of the give player's clipboard.


sk_all_regions([world]) Returns all the regions in all worlds, or just the one world.
sk_region_info(region, world, [value]) Returns information about the a region in the given world.
sk_region_overlaps(world, region1, array(region2, [regionN...])) Returns whether or not the specified regions overlap.
sk_region_intersect(world, first_region, [other_region(s)]} Returns array of regions which intersect with first region.
sk_current_regions([player]) Returns an array of regions a player is in.
sk_regions_at(locationArray) Returns a list of regions at the specified location.
sk_region_volume(region, world) Returns the volume of a region in the given world.
sk_region_create([world], name, array(locationArray, [...])) Create region of the given name in the given world.
sk_region_update([world], region, array(locationArray, [...])) Updates the location of a given region to the new location.
sk_region_rename([world], oldName, newName]) Renames an existing region.
sk_region_remove([world], region) Removes existing region.
sk_region_exists([world], region) Check if a region by that name exists in a world.
sk_region_addowner(region, [world], [owner(s)]) Add owner(s) to a region.
sk_region_remowner(region, [world], [owner(s)]) Removes owner(s) from a region.
sk_region_owners(region, world) Returns an array of owners of this region.
sk_region_addmember(region, [world], [member(s)]) Add member(s) to a region.
sk_region_remmember(region, [world], [member(s)]) Remove member(s) from a region.
sk_region_members(region, world) Returns an array of members of this region.
sk_register_flag(name, type) Registers a new flag (on startup only). Type must be BOOLEAN, DOUBLE, INTEGER, or STRING.
sk_region_flag(world, region, flagName, flagValue, [group]) Add/change/remove flag in a region.
sk_region_check_flag(locationArray, flagName, [player]) Check state of selected flag in defined location.
sk_region_flags(region, world) Returns an associative array with the flags of the region.
sk_region_setpriority([world], region, priority) Sets priority for a region.
sk_region_setparent(world, region, [parentRegion]) Sets parent region for a region.
sk_can_build([player], locationArray) Returns whether or not player can build at the location.

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