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Our Spawn

I realized today that I have never put up screen shots of our spawn on the website. So here they are, enjoy! You can see our imgur album for the hub here.

Live Streaming

So I have been seeing a lot of live streaming lately, and I figured I would give this a try. So I am going to be Live streaming whenever I am working on the server so you guys can get...
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On April 7th 2014 one of the biggest and most broad effecting vulnerabilities ever found in my opinion was disclosed publicly. The HeartBleed vulnerability. What is the problem? This vulnerability literally allowed a hacker to read and even write to...
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Paintball Map Competition!

Welcome to our first official Paintball Map Competition. Rules: 1. You can work in teams. 2. You can enter more then one map. 3. Your map must fit within 256×256, bedrock to sky. 4. Where people spawn cannot be seen...
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So I am moving, and since I self host everything for the server, that means it will be down while I am actually moving. I am moving from California to Utah. It is about a 13 hour drive from start...
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With the Game server finally going live, we have added the first game to it. SkyBlock! Try it out. tell us what you think. If there’s something you feel could be better let us know. We are still in open...
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Center Of Valhalla

Center Of Valhalla was made 100% by one person! That old kid One of the biggest builds ever created by one person You can check out That_old_kid’s own website here.